February 2016

Plain Text Notes

After bouncing between various note-keeping apps, I finally settled on a very simple solution that is flexible, cross-platform, freely available, and will surely stand the test of time: plain text.

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Ignore the Noise

Whether you’re new to the JavaScript ecosystem or have some experience, unless you’re super-human, you’ll inevitably become overwhelmed at the sheer number of frameworks, libraries, build systems, preprocessors, template engines (the list goes on and on) that are available.

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July 2015


October 2014


Back to BBEdit

It doesn’t suck.®
BBEdit originally debuted on Macintosh System Software 6, and while it may have been surpassed—feature-wise—by other text editors in recent years, it’s actually one of the only OS X text editors that can meet the following criteria (and meet it well):

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Windows X

I’m not a Windows user myself, and haven’t been for almost six years now, but I was forced to use it for the first part of my computer-using life so I still enjoy following new releases. This next one brings Windows and OS X closer together than every before, and I’m not talking about just the version number.

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For the past year, maybe more, I’ve pretty much neglected all of my web properties. I had a Tumblr blog a few years back where I used to post reviews, the occasional opinion, and Corona SDK-related code snippets, tutorials, news, etc.

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