Made a lot of progress on the new game between yesterday and this morning. I can’t wait to get it finished and submitted so I can start sharing screenshots and more info about it.

According to an Ansca staff member, the new version of Game Edition is most likely due within a few weeks. I’m pretty impatient so that sounds like a long time to me, but I’ll definitely be happy when it gets here. Looks like this next game is going to have to be submitted with this version.

Oh, and I tried to buy an iPod Touch 4G yesterday and literally everywhere was sold out. That was between a Fry’s electronics, FIVE Best Buys, and an Apple Store. Apple told me they get shipments everyday except Sunday, and to check back today so I’m calling them up at noon.

Keeping my fingers crossed. After all that, I’m starting to think, was this down economy stuff just made up???

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