Corona SDK Goes Final Today & Pricing Announced:

Today, we remove the alpha and beta version numbers and bring you the new, cross-platform Corona SDK and a Corona Game Edition pre-release to the public!

Final pricing: $249/year for Standard, and $349/year for Game Edtion—extremely generous pricing for all that you get. As a whole, Corona is easier to use, does more, performs better, and even costs less than most everything else!

Doodle Dash! also got a mention from them in that post so once again, thanks Ansca!

Today was really the release of the standard SDK and the announcement of final pricing. Game Edition’s pre-release version is still yet to be released (it’s not going “final” just yet), but I can’t wait to see what’s new with the next version! I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that it’ll be released very, very soon.

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