Engadget Previews Toshiba Netbook With Android. Great idea, but Android’s not ready.

Again, the hardware is pretty great, a nice order of magnitude thinner and lighter than most Atom netbooks, and despite the razor thin build, Toshiba still managed to put a pretty great keyboard and trackpad in here. Unfortunately, the software just isn’t good. In fact, it isn’t even “alright,” since Toshiba has put a bunch of customizations on top of stock Android 2.1, including the same lame launcher we just saw on the Folio, and two extra browsers.

I really think this is where we should start seeing the open-source operating system start appearing more though. Maybe it’ll breathe some life into a lot of the netbooks that the iPad killed.

With that said, I can’t believe last year’s netbooks were still shipping with an Operating System from 2001 (Windows XP).

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