Last night, I stayed up very late working on Corona + Facebook API code to create a friends Leaderboard (score board) and… it was a complete success! Biffy and I are both very excited about it.

If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, think of Doodle Jump and Bejeweled Blitz friends scoreboards. They find the friends from your Facebook profile who are also on the game, and create a custom leaderboard of you and your friends (to see where you rank among them).

I’ve actually pulled Dungeon Tap from the review queue to add in the new Facebook friends scoreboard as well as add in some features that will help make the game really amazing. Biffy, of course, is helping me with her outstanding graphics work :-)

In other news, my order came in from Best Skins Ever (front, clear screen protector for my iTouch 4). It was a breeze to apply, and it looks fantastic. After it fully dried, there was no screen distortion of the amazing retina display, and it fits perfectly on the device, despite it being so new.

More to come regarding Dungeon Tap and updates to Dragon’s Keep and Doodle Dash!, so stay tuned.

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