Dragon’s Keep 1.1 Finished. Biffy and I did a lot of work today and finally got everything complete for Dragon’s Keep 1.1.

Some of the changes:

  • Lots of new retina graphics and a completely re-designed menus and character selection system.

  • Lots of the graphics have been redesigned completely (mainly the trees).

  • Added a new obstacle: Cliff with Bridge

  • Enemies are now segmented (instead of all appearing at once).

  • Facebook Friends Leaderboard added for 1:00 Fury Mode (we still kept OpenFeint for global leaderboards and Survival mode leaderboards).

  • No more physically running over keys to unlock characters—the act of passing a dragon will mean you “picked up” a key.

  • Survival mode is faster.

  • Bug fixes.

We plan on submitting the new update for review really soon and then getting started on our next app right away… hopefully we’ll get done with that one before our Anniversary celebration (it’s next month on the 7th, but we’re going out of town to celebrate at the end of this month).

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