Dungeon Tap had 52 sales it’s first full day in the App Store… not too shabby.

I want to experiment with different promo methods in the future. OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day proved to be very successful (for Doodle Dash!), but you never know when/if your game is approved so it’s hard to rely on it as a stable promotional source. I submitted Dungeon Tap and I’m hoping it will be approved.

I can’t wait for in-app purchases to be available in Corona. I’ve already started work on a side-scrolling, Mario-esque platformer that Biffy’s directing (titled Antsy Pantsy), and when we’re finished with that one, I’m going to be working on a sim game that’ll use a “freemium” strategy (which is why I need in-app purchases!).

For now, I’m going to resume development on Antsy Pantsy and hope Dungeon Tap makes Apple’s New & Noteworthy :-)

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