New Corona SDK Game Edition Version Available

A new Corona Game Edition version has been released.

It was actually put out about a week ago, at which time I managed to wake up early one morning and download it before anyone else had a chance to. Due to a recent upgrade to the bundled OpenFeint version, however, there was a small bug I discovered and quickly reported to the Ansca staff. Eric Herrmann (Ansca Director of Engineering) found the problem and quickly fixed it—so kudos to Eric on that one!

They decided to wait until their new website theme was complete before releasing it again and it’s now available for everyone to download.

Game Edition 2010.109

I noticed there wasn’t a lot of new things added, but there were a lot of bug fixes. When I rebuild Dungeon Tap I noticed several improvements, the most noticeable were:

  • No more flickering on text that were involved in a function (it wasn’t a huge issue before, but it was a little annoying, so I’m glad it’s fixed).

  • The OpenFeint notifications appear at the top now (and look much better thanks to OF being upgraded from 2.4.x to 2.7.2).

  • Web Popups have been greatly improved. Not only do they load faster, but the progress indicator shows in the center of the screen (instead of at the top left corner, halfway out of view). The best improvement is that when you load a new web popup, the previous web popup content is now cleared. So now, web popups can be even more tightly integrated and made to look even more “part” of your app.

Overall I’m very happy because lately, I’ve been using a lot of Web Popup in our games. So congratulations to the Ansca team for another great release!

…and I can’t resist mentioning it at least once in this post: I can’t wait for in-app purchases :-)

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