New Website for Corona Tutorials

Once I finally figured out how to create the Facebook Friends Leaderboard, I realized I needed some kind of personal resource to keep track of “how to” do all of these different things in Corona that aren’t in the official documentation—because frankly, I can’t remember every single step of the process. Figuring it out was a long, hard road of trial and error.

So the idea of creating a separate website for Corona tutorials to explain step-by-step how to do things such as the Facebook Friends Leaderboard, scene management, and anything else that’s not covered by the official Corona documentation/examples sounded like a great idea. That way I could look back on it everytime I need a “refresher” on how to implement something. At the same time, it could be a useful resource for other Corona developers.

Sure, I could post all that here, but I don’t want to have to sift through a bunch of news and personal updates to find what I want, so I decided to create the website and yesterday it went live with the first tutorial.

The site is called iDeveloper and the first tutorial is on creating a Facebook Friends Leaderboard.

The site can also be accessed from

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