Added Instapaper to my Posts

I received an email from a reader asking for an inverted colors option for my theme, and since Tumblr doesn’t really allow external plugins or things like that to be included very easily, I decided to add Instapaper to my blog for two reasons:

For those who use Instapaper (it’s becoming more and more popular) For those who want to read my articles on a more “eye friendly” layout. Instapaper probably has the fastest signup process I’ve ever seen, and once you have an account, you can save any my articles to your Instapaper account by clicking the small Read Later button at the top of each article post (to the right of the post title).

When you click the link, you’ll be taken to a simple confirmation page where it’ll ask if you want to save to your Instapaper account, and if you choose yes, it’ll save the article and redirect you back to my blog.

From there, just go to and click the button labeled “text” to the right of the article to read it in a very easy-on-the-eyes, distraction-free layout.

Another option you have to is to subscribe to my RSS feed. It’s a full-post feed so you can read the whole article in it’s entirety directly from your feed reader.

I apologize to anyone who finds my color scheme difficult on the eyes—I hope some of the measures I’ve taken and alternative options I presented will help you out some.

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