Apple Might Approve My Expedite Request

The Apple review staff contacted me telling me that I needed to change the app name in iTunes Connect (which I didn’t know I could do), and once I do that, they can continue processing my expedite request.

I changed the name right away and replied back to their email and still waiting to hear something from them. To me, it sounds like they might be approving my expedite request for Tilt Monster.

I really hope for it to be approved soon so Doodle Dash! fans can upgrade and see the update which is in all actuality more like a sequel. I also want to be able to submit Tilt Monster to the Ansca Staff to be considered for their first round of Top Apps that they’ll be choosing at some point after December 15th.

In other good news, I’ve been testing Tilt Monster extensively today (new high score, 130,000+!) and still no crashes. Old Doodle Dasher’s who experienced crashes, while I won’t say there won’t ever be, should definitely experience far less.

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