Doodle Dash! Getting a Name Change

In case you’ve missed the previous post on this subject, Doodle Dash! ran into some trademark issues with Playfirst, Inc. I promised to post updates to my blog, so here it is.

As a result of the whole thing, I’ve removed Doodle Dash! from sale and we’ll be working on an update that will feature a name change, performance improvements, and a lot of new additions.

The new name hasn’t been decided on, but I’ll be sure to announce it when we settle on something. All changes/improvements/additions will come via an update to the current Doodle Dash! so if you have it installed, don’t delete it!

Biffy and I have some projects we’re currently working on, so it’ll be a while before the update is released, so please be patient. I’ll definitely be looking forward to shifting our focus back onto Doodle Dash! once we push through our current projects.

If the whole trademark thing scares you at all, don’t be. I admittedly made some mistakes when it came to naming Doodle Dash! I’m not admitting to infringement or saying that I did anything wrong, but I did learn a thing or two from the whole Playfirst, Inc. situation.

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