Doodle Dash! Update Imminent

We’re about to commence development on the next Doodle Dash! update, but we don’t want to just simply change the name and re-submit. No, if we’re being forced to push out an update in order to keep Doodle Dash! alive, then we’re going to make this update worth it.

So a question I’ve got running through my head throughout the development of this update is:

How can we make the new Doodle Dash! more compelling, to be able to stand up to the likes of tilt-game pillars such as the amazing Tilt to Live, Dark Nebula, and yes, even Doodle Jump?

Although I don’t personally believe our game is anything like Doodle Jump, I admit the overwhelming number of reviews comparing it to that game is because of the “Doodle” placed in the title (which will not be present after the name change) as well as the casual nature of the game.

Some ideas we’ve been throwing around for the new update:

  • More things to pick up! Right now there’s only the star that gives some random effect. I’m thinking there needs to be more.

  • Unlockable pick ups. Awarded after achieving specific score thresholds, or—as others suggested—save up gems and use them to allow players to “purchase” new pickups to be spawned throughout each round.

  • More creative OpenFeint achievements. Instead of just score thresholds and gem combos, perhaps things like how long a round lasted (time thresholds) and things like that would add to the replay-factor of the game.

  • Better enemy differentiation. Right now enemies look different, but they’re all just sitting there for you to avoid. We’re thinking having enemies do different things (such as shoot something, or maybe have the flying bunnies slowly gravitate towards the player, etc).

Keep in mind that the above list of additions aren’t set in stone, they’re just ideas we’re currently bouncing around and thinking of including in the next update. Things that will definitely be part of the update include:

  • Better performance. Doodle Dash! was the game I learned the Corona SDK with, so the code is somewhat of a mess. I cleaned up some with the last update, but it’s still pretty messy. I plan on completely recoding this next update for stability.

  • Facebook Friends Leaderboard. I hear Facebook Graph API support is coming to Corona, but I’m still able to do a Facebook Friends Leaderboard without it (currently in Dungeon Tap and Dragon’s Keep). This will definitely be included in the next Doodle Dash! update.

  • Better soundtrack and effects. I’m very displeased with the current sound effects and music tracks. That’ll change.

  • Optimized for the retina display. Since the last Doodle Dash! update (1.3), I’ve purchased an iPod touch 4. Simply put, the new display is amazing.

  • Although the name will change, this will just be an update. So if you’ve purchased Doodle Dash! this exciting new version will be free for you.

If you have any suggestions, or comments about the upcoming version of Doodle Dash! please feel free to tweet them to us!

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