Dungeon Tap 1.1.1 Submitted

What’s new in this version?

This is a minor (but very important) update that fixes an issue with OpenFeint scores not being submitted if you have a high score set from version 1.0 and also ADDS 20 Brand New OpenFeint Achievements to make Dungeon Tap even more addicting!

Apparently there’s a small bug that affects only those who are upgrading from version 1.0, where OpenFeint scores aren’t submitted unless you beat your previously set high score, which is almost impossible due to the new scoring system in 1.1.

As stated in the quote above (will appear on the iTunes page when it’s released), this version fixes that bug and also adds 20 OpenFeint Achievements.

The only downside: it’s gonna be another 7-10 days wait until this version is approved.

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