Filippo di Pisa Settles on the Corona SDK. Another developer, with a much different background than me, also sees the Corona SDK as the best choice for mobile development.

He also—unlike me—didn’t find Objective-C to be difficult. He tried (and actually used) just about everything (Java, Flex, Openplug, Flash, Unity, Objective-C, Cocos2d, etc) before finally making a decision.

Finally the solution to all my problems came out. I found an advert for the Corona SDK based on the Lua scripting language. I had a look to the APIs and it was quite easy to learn.

I downloaded the Corona SDK game edition and I ported my game from Actionscript to Lua very easily. The rendering was perfectly smooth as was the implementation of the all game physics, collisions and animations. With Corona and Lua we can animate a sprite sheet with just one line of code.

Filippo’s article further supports my previous statements on exactly who the target audience for Corona is—programmers who can appreciate the fact that it really is easy as well as powerful.

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