Galaxy Tab: Not the "Killer" Everyone Expected

After reading a couple reviews, and seeing the pricing on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, I can now see that it’s not going to touch the iPad, much less be the “iPad killer” that it was said to have potentially become.

  • In order to compete with the iPad, an Android tablet is going to need to wait for Android to be optimized for tablets (from Google: it’s not, yet). It needs to be competitively priced compared to the iPad (going to be very difficult).

  • It needs to have—at the bare minimum—all it’s little usability flaws perfected, at least to the level of the iPad (according to reviews, the Tab has little quirks such as jittery scrolling and touches every now and then).

  • At this rate, it’s going to take some time to even see a true “iPad competitor” much-less a “killer”.

I for one am waiting for THAT all-around popular Android device that most people will turn to, and will set the standard for other Android devices so I don’t have as much fragmentation to deal with when it comes to porting our apps over.

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