Microsoft Kinect is a Good Direction. iPhone gaming is on a roll and eating into into console gaming industry’s territory (most notably, the Nintendo Wii, DS, and PSP), and as hardware gets better and better on iOS devices, it’ll only be a matter of time before many non-casual games hit the App Store and start to eat away at Xbox and PS3’s share of the industry as well.

I personally think that in the long run, the only way console gaming platforms are going to stay afloat with the current system they’re riding on ($49.99 games and so forth) is to innovate past what iOS is capable of doing in terms of gaming, and I think Microsoft’s got the right idea with their Kinect device.

An article on the NYTimes website describes it best:

[Kinect] has four microphones and three little lenses: a video camera, an infrared projector and a distance sensor. Together, these lenses determine where you are in the room.

And not just you. The system tracks 48 parts of your body in three-dimensional space. It doesn’t just know where your hand is, like the Wii. No, the Kinect tracks the motion of your head, hands, torso, waist, knees, feet and so on.

The point is to let you control games with your body, without having to find, hold, learn or recharge a controller. Your digital stunt double appears on the TV screen. What you do, it does.

So while I don’t think every console gaming platform should move towards replicating the above, I do think that they should starting thinking outside of the box and focus on creating something different from the iOS user experience has to offer.

So kudos to Microsoft for their Kinect device. Just wait until some kind of “Wii Fit” type of thing comes out for that!

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