Tilt Monster Submitted Yesterday

I submitted the latest update to Doodle Dash! which will rename the app to Tilt Monster. Hopefully Apple will approve my request to have the review process expedited since I removed my app from sale until the name change is final.

For more information on what has been changed/added/improved upon, read my latest reply to this thread (#34).

The reason why this site has been lacking in updates is due to all the time I’ve spent getting things in Tilt Monster as close to perfect as possible. Biffy did a great job on some of the new characters (my favorite is the purple guy she did, which you can see from one of the screenshots).

The gameplay, and how they work with the new leaderboards makes the game WAY more addictive than it’s predecessor. It’s an update to Doodle Dash! so existing players can simply update and play, but we really feel like this is more of a sequel (which is why we made this version 2.0.0).

Once the update is approved, we’ll see what you think!

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