Angry Birds Clone with Corona in 36 Hours

The video above shows a sample app that Biffy and I made for Ansca Mobile to be shared with the community (open-source) so everyone can see how a viable clone of the best-selling Angry Birds can be made in a very short period of time.

The whole thing—from start to finish—took Biffy and I a total of 36 hours. That’s a combined total for code, graphics, gathering sound assets, etc. The game is full featured, optimized for the retina display, and works as-is. There are two playable levels, as well as OpenFeint and Facebook Connect integration.

Anyone in the game development business knows that 36 hours is an extremely SHORT amount of time for a game such as the one we made. Of course, it only has two levels, but creating levels didn’t take up that much time, it was everything else.

The true benefits of using the Corona SDK really shine through with our little sample app. It’s possible to create powerful, full-featured apps that perform just as well as native apps in a very SHORT amount of time.

Please keep in mind that the sample app is not meant for you to take the graphics, code, etc. package it up as your own game and submit it as-is (it’s not production-level as-is). Rather, it is meant to show developers (you) the source code to a clone of a very popular game, in case you want to take some of the logic and use in your own projects.

It is open source, however, so if you do use the graphics or anything else, I suggest you modify them to make it unique to your own game, and please don’t forget to give attribution :-)

This should satisfy anyone who’s ever emailed me asking for the source code to Tilt Monster, Dragon’s Keep, or Dungeon Tap and I was unable to provide it.

Ansca should be releasing “Ghosts vs. Monsters” to the public soon, so if you’re a Corona developer and want to pick apart the source code, stay tuned!

EDIT: Looks like they already released it. Visit the Corona Codebase to get it now!

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