BeebeGames Class 1.5 Released. If you downloaded this class previously, this update is a MUST. It fixes a major bug that pretty much rendered the entire module useless if you used physics. Don’t worry, all of your previous code should work. I try my best to make each update backwards compatible so you’re not having to modify your code as you download new updates.

Here are a few more changes/fixes:

  • Better compatibility with Ricardo Rauber’s Director Class. In previous versions, sometimes you’d get errors while changing scenes. This update fixes that.

  • Added table to keep track of all objects created with newObject().

  • Added a function that allows you to destroy all objects created with newObject() all at once (destroyAllObjects).

I was going to wait until more features were added before releasing version 1.5 (because updates are coming VERY frequently), but after I ran into that big bug I knew I had to release this update right away.

I apologize for any inconvenience that the bug caused anyone in the meantime, but thankfully it’s fixed now.

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