Current Gripes Regarding Tilt Monster

While almost all of the feedback with Tilt Monster is so far very positive, there are a few gripes that have been brought up. This post will address them.

Thankfully, most complaints fall in the “minor” section, and nothing major has been brought up (yet). Thankfully, nobody has complained about crashes, which is awesome because that was unfortunately the #1 complaint with Doodle Dash! (it’s what I learned Lua/Corona with, which explains a lot of it).

Game Music

This is probably the biggest complaint, and it’s because people have such a wide variety of opinions when it comes to music, regardless of demographics, so there is no choosing a “perfect” song for the game.

Fortunately, Carlos (co-founder of Corona) let us know in the forums that playing music from your device’s iTunes library is on their todo list and will be coming after the new year. I plan on allowing folks who don’t like the in-game music to optionally play their own once this feature is available in Corona. We’ll also be adding new music tracks into the game once the new OpenAL audio engine in Corona is available.

The current music track was a little daring, so I sort of expected some people to love it, and others to hate it. Thankfully we added the option to disable music but keep sound effects so this issue should be a non-issue for those who don’t like the current game music.

Someone also mentioned there’s a little skip when the music track loops. Unfortunately, that’s a drawback to the current sound engine in Corona. When the OpenAL audio engine is in place, this problem will be fixed 100% (don’t ask me how I know that, I just do).

Small OpenFeint Annoyance

Someone mentioned that it’s a little annoying how the OpenFeint ‘New High Score’ drop-down notification shows at the top after every round. Because of the new Most Lifetime Gems leaderboard, every time you get another gem it registers as a new high score at the end of the round.

At the moment, Corona doesn’t give us an option to disable specific OpenFeint notifications so until that option is available, this little annoyance is going to remain because I don’t think losing that leaderboard is worth it. Thankfully, it’s easy to get used to and doesn’t require any input from the player so it’s not a very big problem at all.

Missing Old Charm?

One person mentioned that there’s a certain amount of “charm” lost with the new menu system, because things slide in and out of place instead of switching to a completely different screen every round (or game over). I think this is a matter of opinion and isn’t really an issue because most people love the way the new menus work.

The reasoning behind the change was to make the game easier to pickup, play, and re-play with as few stops and waits as possible. I figured that minimizing as many actual screen transitions and unloading/reloading of objects as possible, and utilizing sliding menus instead was the best way to accomplish that (plus, in my opinion, it looks and works much better this way).

In all actuality, I think Tilt Monster has way more charm than its predecessor.

Not As Responsive As Doodle Dash!

This is most likely due to the sheer number of additions that Tilt Monster added to the table. It’s unlikely you’ll notice this UNLESS you’re coming from Doodle Dash! but I won’t dispute it, at least for older devices. For the newer devices (iTouch4 and iPhone4), the game is smooth ever (and it’s just as smooth on iPod touch 2g with iOS >= 4.1).

If you’re coming from Doodle Dash! just give it a few rounds, you’ll get used to everything. If you’re not, then everything should seem just fine (once you’ve set your preferred tilt sensitivity option).

It could also be the fact that the default tilt sensitivity has been tuned down from Doodle Dash! due to the addition of five different tilt sensitivity options. So before making any judgments on the responsiveness, try them all out and see if one is just right for you. If not, play a few rounds and I’m sure you’ll get used to it (there are so many tilt games out there, the “standard” can be a little different for everyone).

Higher Difficulty Than Before

The game does start off faster than before, but difficulty is very subjective. The only people who are mentioning this are those coming from Doodle Dash! which is understandable. I think those who got used to Doodle Dash! quickly found the game repetitive and boring, so to overcome that, we decided to make the game pace faster, add unlockable items, and make some of the OpenFeint achievements more creative (as well as the different leaderboards).

Faster game speed which means you’re in a round quick, and most of the time, out of a round very quick. So the game pace changed, which for those coming from Doodle Dash! means more difficult, but for new players, it just means fun. Doodle Dashers will find the new gameplay to be funner as well, but it’s a matter of getting used to the change and not expecting so much to be the same (think sequel, rather than update).

Unlockable items give players an initial goal. Once items are unlocked, they can be used to help further your score, and also making the game more exciting. The new, faster pace of the game only adds to the excitement, and also makes beating your score much more rewarding. So in all actuality, the game didn’t get more difficult, it’s just a whole different game now (with the same basic premise).

And That’s About It

There were numerous good things said about the game, but I only wanted to address the gripes because all of the good things are apparent. Generally, most everyone loves the new update.

There isn’t a such thing as a game with absolutely no gripes from anyone, so I was expecting some. Thankfully, they’re not that bad, and many are going to be fixed as the next few versions of Corona come out.

So thanks again for everyone who has tried the game out and expressed your opinions (whether good or bad)… it all helps!

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