Flight Control Clone with Corona in 30 Hours

NOTE: The video gets choppy at times, but don’t worry, it’s just the video. Actual gameplay is very smooth and works great. Don’t believe me? Wait for the source code… EDIT: It is now available at the Code Exchange.

Biffy and I spent all day yesterday working on yet another sample app with the Corona SDK, to show the world just what it’s capable of, and in a relatively short amount of time at that.

As usual, Biffy worked on graphics while I did the code. Combined, it took us 30 hours to pull this one off. It’s called Martian Control and it’s a clone of popular titles such as Flight Control, Harbor Master, and I’m sure countless others.

Martian Control isn’t just a demo though. This is a full-featured game that has unlimited levels because the goal is simple: reach a higher level, and a higher score than you did before :-)

Déjà vu?

Just last week (but less than a week ago), we created a two-level clone of the popular Angry Birds in 36 hours (Ghost vs. Monsters), so you might be thinking, Why is Beebe Games trying to rip off popular app store hits?

It’s simple: We’re not.

These apps aren’t being submitted to the app store, rather, they’re for Ansca Mobile to deliver (open-source) to show developer’s the Lua-logic behind million-dollar hits such as Angry Birds, Flight Control, etc. and of course, prove that it CAN be done—and done well—using 100% Corona SDK.

So in the meantime, enjoy the—somewhat choppy—video while you’re waiting for the source code to be released by Ansca :-)

UPDATE: It is now available at the Corona Code Exchange.

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