In-App Purchases Scheduled for Mid-January!

Carlos Icaza made an exciting announcement in the Ansca forums today. I’ll let his words speak for themselves:

The number one requested feature: In App Purchases will be on the next drop expected Mid-January.

As well as a ton of bug fixes, android fixes, there will be a few other features such as

Push Notification, Universal Binaries, Bitmap Masking, Async http, Daily Builds, Open Bug Base

Wow. This is amazing. I can’t wait to start adding in-app purchases to our apps, and creating new apps that feature them… this is great news for mine and Biffy’s business :-)

I’m also very excited about Push Notifications, Universal Binaries, and Bitmap Masking (and I’m sure Async http will come in very handy one of these days as well).

Needless to say, I can’t wait until mid-January. When I was a kid, this time of year went especially slow waiting for Christmas day to come so I can open presents, and while this next build isn’t scheduled until mid-January… I feel like that kid again :-)

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