Point Reduction, Curve Fitting, & Bezier Curves

(video removed)

Special thanks to Carlos Icaza for a great contribution that will undoubtedly open up some possibilities for developers who otherwise would have no clue how to accomplish what he just did in the video (cough… me… cough).

The video shows two algorithms, a variant of the Douglas-Peucker polygon point reduction algorithm and Philip J Schneider’s CurveFit algorithm from Graphic Gems I with material from Philip’s book Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics, as well as material from Mark de Berg Computational Geometry and lastly, Gerald Farin’s Curves and Surfaces for CADG 5th Edition.

Infinitely useful, but also infinitely complicated. Thankfully, the source code will be made available soon so Corona developers can easily leverage Carlos’ hard work.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the possibilities of the Corona SDK are endless. Carlos dug out books from way back before Corona even existed and was able to apply the same logic to a Corona project that’ll be soon be available to import into our own projects.

I’ll update this post once the source code is available, so stay tuned!

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