Tilt Monster 2.0.1 Is Now Available. This update (which was approved surprisingly fast) was meant to help ease the transition for those who loved Doodle Dash! by adding these new features/improvements:

  • New audio engine (powered by OpenAL).

  • Subtle footsteps sound added. Will play if music is turned off and sound effects on.

  • Improved performance even more on older devices (such as iPhone 1st generation and 3G).

  • Classic theme uses the old DD music. Spook theme sticks with music from 2.0.0.

  • An easy, medium, and hard game mode (last version was medium-only)—change in the Game Themes & Settings Page.

  • 3 New Leaderboards specifically for Easy mode.

  • OpenFeint updated to 2.7.5 (from 2.7.4)

  • Better Facebook connectivity for publishing your score to your wall.

So if you have Tilt Monster (or Doodle Dash!), go update now!

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