Tilt Monster 2.0.1 Submitted

It know it’s kinda fast for an update, but we decided to submit a quick one for a few reasons.

The first being to address problems that loyal Doodle Dash! fans are having transitioning to the new Tilt Monster and it’s increased difficulty.

To remedy things, a new difficulty setting is going to be introduced which will add the ability to switch between easy, medium, and hard modes. Version 2.0.0 (currently out now) is identical to medium mode.

The most significant addition is easy mode, which makes the following gameplay changes (to make Tilt Monster a little more like Doodle Dash!):

  • Game move speed starts off slower. Crossing checkpoints don’t increase speed AS much.

  • Less bunnies.

  • Bombs only take away one heart (instead of both).

  • Also earn points by getting further in the round.

Once again, the above changes apply ONLY to easy mode. Medium is identical to the Tilt Monster that is currently available now, and Hard mode merely increases the game speed (for the few who actually think Tilt Monster is easy!).

Here is a complete list of changes in the 2.0.1 update:

  • New audio engine (powered by OpenAL).

  • Classic theme uses the old Doodle Dash! music. Spook theme sticks with music from 2.0.0.

  • An easy, medium, and hard game mode (last version was medium-only).

  • 3 New Leaderboards specifically for Easy mode.

  • OpenFeint updated to 2.7.5 (from 2.7.4)

  • Better Facebook connectivity for publishing your score to your wall due to a newer version of the Facebook api being used (and will now show your difficulty setting in your status post).

I expect the update to be approved anywhere from 7-9 days. If we’re lucky, hopefully it’ll be sooner.

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