Tilt Monster on Page 1 of Great Search Term

I noticed sales picked right back up since I put Tilt Monster back on sale (which was just a day before the Tilt Monster update went live), so Biffy did a quick search in the app store for the term “tilt” and surprisingly, Tilt Monster is already on page 1 of that search term! (#14 as of a couple minutes ago)

I’m pretty sure “tilt” is a common search phrase for those looking for games, mainly due to popular titles such as Tilt to Live (which is extremely fun by the way), so I’m thankful that Tilt Monster—at least for the time being—has a spot on the first page of that search phrase.

And for those worried, “Tilt” is not currently a registered trademark in games/software, so since I’m already using the word in my game, it shouldn’t be an issue (neither is “monster”).

So far I’m very happy with how Tilt Monster is doing. Hopefully the sales keep coming, because I’ve got a broken iTouch 4 screen I need repaired, and I’m getting impatient!

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