Top 5 Things the iPhone Has Given the World. Great read from PC World (ironically, since it’s about Apple):

In addition to making shareware trendy, the App Store did something much more important: It turned the cell phone into a computing platform.

Suddenly, cell phones could do just about anything, even if that usually equates to playing games. As Apple advertised, if you can find a task, there’s likely “an app for that.”

Again, this wasn’t entirely new. Significant amounts of money and time had been invested in making it possible to run Java applications on phones for years. However, Apple shifted the focus in a way only it can.

The iPhone personally changed my opinion about mobile platforms. Before the iPhone, I was a web developer who had no interest in focusing on mobile platforms. I heard about the iPhone in 2007, but still wasn’t interested.

Then, in 2008, I finally used one, and it changed all my preconceptions of mobile computing. When it comes to work, mobile is all I focus on now.

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