BeebeGames Class 1.8 Released. After releasing Cavern Drake, I was disappointed (and embarrassed) to find out just how many people were experiencing crashes.

Not too long after the game went live, coincidentally, user samlotti posted a reply at the Code Exchange pointing out a major memory leak issue with the destroy() function of my BeebeGames Class (which Cavern Drake uses). After some searching, I found the same issue with the timers as well.

Thankfully, the fix was easy and as a result, Cavern Drake is a lot more stable (I just submitted a 1.0.1 update today) and there is a new version of the BeebeGames class for you to download!

If you have a previous version, this is ESSENTIAL… and don’t worry, it won’t break any of your code. I try to structure all of these updates so that any existing code that calls for the BeebeGames class doesn’t get broken. Just replace the beebegames.lua file with the new one and you’re good to go!

Here is a summary of the changes/fixes:

Fixed major memory leak issues in regards to the destroy() function for objects and cancel() for timers. Also, randomTable functions have been deprecated because after extensive testing, localizing math.random actually works A LOT faster than using pregenerated random tables.


And as a side note, I’m so glad I decided to open-source the class and share with other developers (or I might have never found this issue!). Special thanks to samlotti for the great catch!

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