Cavern Drake 1.0.0 Submitted

It was going to be called Tiny Drake, but finally decided on Cavern Drake instead. This is our first app to include in-app purchases, and by the time it’s approved, it might actually be the first Corona-made in-app purchase enabled app in the app store (there are a total of 11 premium items in the game).

I’ve yet to have an app rejected during the approval process, and with in-app purchases being something new for me (the submission process was a little weird) AND new for Corona, I’m a little nervous about how the review process will go with this one. Either way, I’m happy to have wrapped it up.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots (kudos to Biffy for putting the screenshots together—great job babe!):

Cavern Drake Screenshot 1

Cavern Drake Screenshot 2

Cavern Drake Screenshot 3

Cavern Drake Screenshot 4

Cavern Drake Screenshot 5

Cavern Drake — Coming soon! (will be free)

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