Corona SDK: In-App Purchases & Bitmap Masking

I wouldn’t normally disclose details on a Corona SDK development release, but yesterday, Carlos Icaza asked me to tweet about some of the new things added to the latest development build, so I take that as a thumbs up to start talking about it (and getting some anticipation built up, heheh).

Here are the main things that were added:

  • In-App Purchases

  • Bitmap Masking

Needless to say, I’m (more than) extremely excited about this new release. Biffy and I are currently working on a game, Tiny Drake, which we’ll now be releasing as FREE with some optional premium in-app purchase content, and we’re almost ready to submit.

The topic of including in-app purchases caused quite a stir in the Corona forums a couple of months ago, and Ansca was quick to react.

After taking a look at what including in-app purchases into your app entails (with Corona), I can say that Ansca has once again taken something complicated and simplified it into something that is very easy to implement from a developer’s perspective.

A HUGE kudos to Ansca Mobile for not only listening to their developers, but for providing a solution that makes it downright easy to implement premium content purchasing into our apps (the hardest part is setting everything up in your iTunes Connect account, which applies to ALL iOS developers, not just Corona developers).

What I received is just a development build, so there could still be some bugs to work out, but once everything is good to go, you can expect in-app purchases to be publicly available as part of the Corona SDK very soon, so keep your eyes open!

And as promised, once this release goes public, I’ll write an updated Corona SDK review (in my previous review, Corona was still in beta, and LOTS of things have changed since then).

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