MacBook Pro Specs Leaked … But is it Fake?. Everything about the report and the screenshot of the specs seemed legit, however, one thing I noticed got me hoping that the report is a fake.

According to the screenshot, the MBP 13” screen resolution will remain at 1280x800. Apple has been upping the screen resolution on just about everything (iPhone, iPod touch, MB Airs), so why wouldn’t they with the MBP?

I personally don’t see why they’d up the screen resolution on the 13” MacBook Air but keep the MBP at 1280x800. One of my reasons for a new laptop was a higher screen resolution than the one I’m running now, so I hope this latest report is fake.

All things aside, at least “Thunderbolt” is a cool name for Light Peak :-)

UPDATE: Nope, it’s wasn’t fake. I got the 13” model and like it A LOT. Much better than my last setup… this is going to be great for development. I am disappointed with the screen resolution, but nothing can compare to the resolution of an external monitor anyway.

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