Biffy”s Latest Graphics Inspiration. Danc from Lost Garden released a free set of prototyping graphics in 2007 that he dubbed “PlanetCute” that I’ve actually seen in quite a few iOS and flash games since then.

Well, Biffy and I came across those graphics quite a while ago, and they have since become her latest inspiration.

For our next game, Biffy will be creating (from scratch) graphics that closely resemble that same style (blocked tiles, circular characters, etc). You can get a quick preview of a few of the characters here. As you can see in the background, the dirt “blocks” closely resemble the one’s from Danc’s PlanetCute, but they were in fact re-created from scratch by Biffy.

I’ve got a few contract projects I need to get out of the way, but once a get a window of time, it’s full-speed ahead with our next release. This one’s going to be our best yet.

Once the game is in “beta” status, I’ll be organizing a group of about 10 or so people on TestFlight to test the game extensively (to catch any bugs or provide feedback) before the game goes live.

Please send me an email if you want to be a beta tester. I’d very much like it if those who are planning on becoming a beta tester already have their TestFlight account set up (it’s easy) before I’m ready to begin the testing process.

This game will also have it’s own unique twitter handle, but stay tuned for that.

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