Awesomely Written Sales Page for a WP Theme. It’s all pretty funny, but here’s my favorite section:

For Mac-Loving Minimalists

Life’s better when it’s simple and beautiful. Why shouldn’t your website reflect the other stuff that’s passed through your life? Your iMac, your MacBook, your iPad, the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone4 and — heck — even the Apple TV you weren’t sure about but have since grown to love, cradle in your arms, and whisper to on cold nights. They each called to you; you bought them by following your heart, not following a cost-benefit analysis, feature list, or fad.

We think that Zen Kitten is perfect for people like you. People with a thirst for the pared-down-to-the-minimal and the not-quite-white. People in search of a better life; a more simple life. People who can’t help wonder when the iPhone 5 is due out.

Biffy says the above section is talking about me. She was joking … I think (lol).

Even if I didn’t like the theme, I’d consider buying it for giving me such a good laugh (but it is pretty nice for any Wordpress bloggers out there).

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