Corona SDK is the Future. Even the famous tech-writer, John Siracusa, recognizes the need to simplify the programming experience on iOS—someone should really tell him about Corona!

He even goes as far as saying that it’s even worth a performance penalty:

All other things being equal, when faced with two technologies, one less abstracted but higher performance, and one more abstracted but slower, the more abstracted, slower technology will always win in the long run. While hardware performance increases over time, the human capacity to deal with complexity does not[.]

Thankfully, for us Corona developers, we can program apps using the simplicity of Lua over languages like Objective-C without taking a performance hit. And as an added (HUGE) benefit, apps are cross-platform by default. :–)

Corona SDK is the future; once again, it’s time to open our eyes to the era of modern app development.

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