iPhone/iPad Competitors: How to Beat Apple. Jason Kottke with some great advice that seems obvious enough that you’d think Apple competitors would be following by now.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Apple, mostly for what they’ve accomplished and what they are currently doing with their iOS devices, the tablet market, and of course, the Mac. People view Apple as the “big guy”, just waiting for the underdog to come and show them up. People forget that Apple is the underdog—who blew everyone away, starting with the iPhone in 2007.

However, I believe competition is healthy, and right now Apple’s competitive advantage is starting to look very, very sad—especially in the tablet space. Every time I see a crappy “me too” tablet, I see piles of cash being burned.

In my opinion, the only one I really see moving in the right direction is Barnes & Noble with their Nook device—how they are trying hard to create a unique experience for their own audience, instead of market themselves as the next best “Android” tablet.

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