My Thoughts on Capacitive "Hardware" Buttons

There have been supposed leaked images of the next generation iPod touch (5th), which show a capacitive home button, meaning the button is like many Android phones where you can’t actually push it—it’s touch sensitive like the rest of the screen.

Personally, I like how the home button is on current iDevices.


I hardly ever—if ever—accidentally push the button when playing games or when I’m in an app.

On my Android phone (Galaxy Fascinate), I’m always accidentally pushing the capacitive buttons—especially in games that are oriented horizontally.

I couldn’t imagine going through that in iOS with apps that don’t support fast-app switching—the annoyance is bad enough even when apps can just bounce back into place (as with pretty much any Android 2.2 app).

So when it comes to capacitive home buttons (or any buttons that are usually hardware buttons)… my vote is a big fat NO.

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