Technical Reasons to Choose Corona SDK. I told you why you should choose Corona from a modern developer’s standpoint. Well, it’s also a great choice for those looking at it from a technical standpoint (e.g. a highly technical, low-level developer debating on whether or not to go with Corona).

Ted Patrick (Chief Developer Evangelist for Barnes & Noble) broke apart the technical details of Corona SDK back in January (just came across it now):

One of the big mental hurdles to get past with Lua is that interpreted does not mean slow. Here is a good set of benchmarks to look at. Lua is well within the required range of performance for interactive development. I would suggest spending all of 5 minutes looking into Lua performance and then forget about it. Lua 5.1 within Corona SDK is fast enough for any mobile application and hardware will only improve things moving forward.

Also keep in mind, Corona has improved vastly since January :–)

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