Tilt Monster (aka “Doodle Dash!”) Source Code. The code has been cleaned up, bugs have been fixed, and the project (Title Monster) has been completely converted into sample code that you can learn from and/or use as a framework for your own projects.

Why Am I Doing This? Because I’ve received tons of great feedback on Ghosts vs. Monsters, and I get lots of emails from people telling me how much they’ve learned from it. Therefore, I know there’s a lot of value in nearly-complete and—in this case—complete game source code.

I’m happy to help Corona developers learn from my previous efforts, and I’m equally excited to see what kind of games pop up using Tilt Monster as the framework (the Ghosts vs. Monsters-based games I’ve seen have been awesome!).

Plus, with my family, work, and current projects in my way, I honestly think the community can give Tilt Monster more love than I can via GitHub … so here’s to Doodle Dash… err… I mean, Tilt Monster! I look forward to seeing your contributions to the source code.

Enjoy :–)

Anyway, no more questions, just download it already!

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