Support Your Favorite Apps Today

It’s simple:

On your iOS device, go find all of your apps that you downloaded in the App Store, and leave an honest review. Right now, I think the review system is a little flawed. People generally don’t think to write a review unless they had an extremely bad experience. The Write a Review form seems to be more like a Leave a Complaint form.

Admittedly, it’s a tough problem to solve.

One way I think they could solve the “problem” is start all apps at 5-stars, and then calculate a final star-rating based on the amount of downloads, taking into consideration all the positive and negative reviews. The algorithm could assume that an app is absolutely stellar if it has tons of downloads and relatively few bad reviews, instead of averaging between the amount of positive/negative reviews—which is the way it seems to be working now.

So while the review system is still flawed, let’s all set aside some time to revisit the apps we have downloaded in the App Store and let the developer know what you think in the form of a review (if you haven’t already).

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