Diary of a TouchPad Owner. Shawn Blanc outlines his experience with HP’s Touchpad, from before purchase all the way through extensive use. The gist is that the HP has it’s areas where it shines, but as of right now, they are few and far between. It sounds like he really gave it a shot, and it’s just lacking in way too many ways.

I still have hope for it’s future though—not as a “winner” over the iPad per say, but at least as a worthy competitor in the tablet space. The iPad needs a better competitor than Android/HoneyComb tablets that have been coming out, and I think if HP tightens up the loose screws, the TouchPad (2 perhaps?) may be it.

Shawn’s previous review of the TouchPad, along with this public diary he just published today may sound harsh, but it’s great feedback for HP—an honest account from an end-user of their product. From what I’ve heard, HP seems to be handling constructive criticism very well and will probably do something about it, unlike RIM, who seems to have given up on the PlayBook after their huge miss (I say that because I have not heard much of anything about it since the initial—horrible—reviews came through).

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