Great Call by Mike Elgan from 2010. Mike Elgan wasn’t afraid to share his opinion in 2010 before the iPad launched, went out on record and said the iPad would be a big deal. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. He didn’t say it would do good, or he thinks a lot of people would like it.

He flat out said it would be HUGE… and he was spot on:

I know I’m going to catch a lot of flak for this column. I’ll be accused of being an Apple fanboy, and worse. I will be told that netbooks are better, or Windows- or Linux-based tablets will do better. I’ll be told that iPad will just be a niche product of little significance.

My answer: Wanna bet? If so, get an iPad.

I know it’s an old piece and largely irrelevant right now (duh-material), but the article from Mike Elgan earlier made me go digging for more. I know I’m late, but great call, Mike.

On a side note, apart from my father, I’m probably the only tech “enthusiast” in my family (e.g. nerd). And guess what? My wife has an iPad/iPhone, my mom has an iPad/iPhone, my brother has an iPad/iPhone, even my mother-in-law has an iPad/iPhone. And here’s the kicker: They all use them on a regular, daily basis—and they’re not nerds. This thing is HUGE.

UPDATE: The comments thread on the article is hilarious in the context of today.

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