Is Android the Wiser Investment?. That’s the question in today’s first “Friday Night Forum” run by Hetal at Ansca (post your response in the comments section).

Personally, I don’t think Android is the wiser investment. I think maybe due to it’s fast growth in the smart phone area, that may attract more jobs in anticipation for Android to be great. But from the looks of it, I think Android in the long-term is going to be pushed further and further into the low end (kinda where “feature phones” are right now, and how well is Symbian—aka, the “former king”—doing now?).

My reason for thinking isn’t just because Android is struggling in the tablet market, because that doesn’t mean it can’t continue to do well in the smart phone arena, but because it seems more and more that the major Android players are going to start venturing off with their own platforms (e.g. Motorola, Samsung, maybe others?), instead of piggybacking on the “me too” Android phone race.

I mean it makes sense doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want their own identity?

On top of that, I’ve also heard Google is a bit of a pain to deal with when it comes to this awesomely “open” Android (and only stands to get worse if all these Android lawsuits don’t go in their favor).

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