My BBEdit Color Scheme


For those wondering how I “roll” when it comes to coding, here’s my color scheme for use with BBEdit). After lots of tweaking, coding, etc. I found this color scheme to be perfect for me. It’s called “Beebe Dark”.

For BBEdit 10 users (just released, and is amazing):

  • Download Beebe Dark.
  • Close BBEdit (if it’s currently running).
  • Drop the bbcolors file into: ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Color Schemes/
  • Re-open BBEdit, go to Preferences, Text Colors, and select it from the Color Schemes drop down.

For BBEdit 9 and/or TextWrangler users:

  • Download Beebe Dark.
  • Download and install BBColors.
  • Close out of BBEdit/TextWrangler.
  • Drop the bbcolors file into: ~/Library/Application Support/BBColors/
  • Follow the BBColors instructions on how to load the color scheme.

If you’re not using the newly released BBEdit 10, either upgrade now or purchase it because it is (in my opinion) the best text editor for use with the Corona SDK.

Update: Earlier this morning, I changed the color scheme of my website to match the color scheme of my code—so far I’m liking it. If it’s hard on your eyes, I recommend you subscribe to my RSS feed.

Update 2: I’ve discovered that this color scheme really only looks good with Monaco font, size 10 in BBEdit 10. With any other font I’ve tested, the colors seem a little too dull.

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