Slowly Coming Back...

I know I haven’t posted here for a while, so I’ve decided there needs to be some changes. The reason why I’ve stopped posting to my blog recently is due to the fact that I’m now a regular tutorial-writer on the Official Ansca Blog, so the things I’d normally post here have been ending up there instead.

The tutorials are pretty in-depth (probably more-so than the tutorials I normally posted here), so if you want to read the things I’ve posted to the Ansca blog so far (not just tutorials, but also my Daily Build feature announcements), you can go to my author page. Or, to view a complete listing of all tutorials posted to the blog, visit the Tutorials category page.

I love writing the tutorials there, that’s where they belong (there’s also a lot of great discussion in the comments section of each article as well—something you couldn’t get here). However, I don’t want to let this site go. Therefore, I’m going to shift my posts to more of a tech-centric, linked-list blog, more akin to the likes of my personal favorites:

I still plan on writing long articles, but most likely all of my Corona-related tutorials are going on Ansca’s blog—and rightfully so. It’ll probably take me a while to get into a regular posting schedule, so expect my post-frequency to remain low and ramp up gradually (at least I hope that’s how it’ll go).

Here’s to the future.

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