Old Mac of the Month: Performa 578. Kevin Lipe, on Stephen M. Hackett’s blog about the Performa 578:

They came with an absolute crapload of software. Our Performa 578 came with Quicken, ClarisWorks 2.1, At Ease, several shareware games, the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia CD-ROM, a Time Almanac CD-ROM,1 some sort of Microsoft CD-ROM about Dinosaurs, Mario Teaches Typing (which I never beat), and a free trial membership to Apple’s eWorld online service (which we were able to use with our 28.8kbps ADB-based modem).

That is a crapload of software. The most you get these days with a new computer are simple apps for basic tasks.

In 5th grade, my dad brought home a Windows 95 computer and that was my first real foray into the world of computers. It’s funny how popular Encyclopedia software was back then.

(via Shawn Blanc)

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