What Platform Will They Choose?. There’s lots of speculation on the fate of Android, since Google themselves are a competitor to other licensors of Android. Here’s a theory:

Handset makers spend around a year developing new phones and so in the short term, not much will change in terms of their Android phone releases, Hazelton said. But handset makers are surely today taking a look at phones that are in the pipeline. “People are probably going back to the drawing board saying, hey, will we launch this Android device,” he said.

But the question remains, what platform will they go with?

Windows phone seems like the only viable candidate, but that surely calls for drastic business changes considering Android is freely available, and Windows is not.

Samsung does have their own platform, bada, which I can definitely see them pursuing more now (why did they even bother with Android in the first place?). From what I’ve seen though, it looks like it could use a lot of polish if it wants to compete with the likes of Apple’s iOS and HP’s webOS—that could be why they decided to go with Android for now.

As for HTC, I don’t believe they have their own platform. If I were the CEO of that company, I’d take my current Android-phone profits and invest in my own platform. All the cool kids are doing it, so why not?

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