Setapp Is Really Good

Yesterday, I came across this article on TidBITS: Setapp At 5 Months: 10,000 Users and Better App Discovery.

I remember when Setapp launched, and for some reason, it didn’t really interest me at the time. But this time, social proof got the best of me and I decided to check it out. On their website, I saw that it’s about $10 a month (not bad), with a free trial (nice), and that they had CleanMyMac 3 on their list of software.

I’ve been meaning to purchase CleanMyMac ($40), but I hadn’t got around to it yet. I’ve had the same early-2015 MacBook Pro for a while now, and I knew there was a bunch of crap lingering in the system that needs to be cleaned out. After seeing a couple other interesting apps on their list, I decided I really needed to give the trial a shot. At $10 a month, it seemed like a really great deal.

My Experience

I downloaded Setapp, and then installed CleanMyMac 3. Everything went without a hitch. The Setapp discovery and installation process is really smooth (similar enough to the Mac App Store that it’s familiar). Apps get installed to a special “Setapp” folder within your main Applications folder, so they’re all indexed by Spotlight like other apps, and can be uninstalled by dragging them to the Trash like normal.

I opened CleanMyMac 3, and managed to free up 36 gigs of space. Thirty-six gigs. That’s crazy. On my measly 128GB SSD, that’s a huge deal. I’m now at a little over 50% capacity and that’s a lot better than it’s been in a long time. This app’s going to come in really handy, especially when it comes time to uninstall something.

This positive experience got me thinking, What other cool things can I get on Setapp?

So far, I’ve downloaded the following apps:

  • CleanMyMac 3 (Maintenance)
  • Ulysses for Mac (Writing)
  • Folx (Download Manager)
  • Forecast Bar (Weather Menulet)
  • GoodTask (Calendar/Reminders Front-end)
  • News Explorer (RSS Reader)
  • Noizio (Ambient Noise Menulet)

So far, I’m pretty happy with just about all of these apps. I wish News Explorer had an image blocker, and I’m still not sure if I’m going to switch to GoodTask or stick with 2Do, but the quality of all these apps are really good and I’m glad to have them.

Here’s the other thing: apart from CleanMyMac, these apps are not ones that I probably would have paid for individually. In fact, several of these apps I have never even heard of. With Setapp, I’m now able to use some pretty great apps that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I guess you can count me in as user 10,001.

Helping Developers

As a developer, I’m really happy about this.

It also makes me feel good that I can help support other developers who are making good software that I wouldn’t be helping at all had it not been for Setapp. Not that I don’t think their software is worth paying for. Like I said, they are very high quality apps. But I tend to purchase software that I’ve either been really wanting for a while or if it’s something I need.

Many of the apps I’m downloading are great, but I wouldn’t consider them essential. I tend not to buy a lot of “nice to have” apps. For one, Mac software can be pretty pricey and it wouldn’t make my wife very happy if I were to purchase every app I thought might be good. For instance, if I were to purchase all the apps I have downloaded on Setapp so far, it would have set me back almost $150.

And that’s the real value of Setapp. I can use tons of high quality apps and after my trial expires and I’m a paying user, I’ll be indirectly paying these developers for their software. If I ever make a Mac app, I’d hope to be able to have it added to Setapp for the revenue stream and to be able to reach people who otherwise wouldn’t have tried my app.

At this point, I only wish there were more Calendar and image editing apps available, but I’m sure they’ll get there eventually. It’s only been five months after all, so I can’t really ask for much more. Overall I’m a very happy user.

Give it a shot

Anyway, if you value software, I encourage you to try Setapp for yourself. Not only will you be getting access to a whole slew of high quality apps for the price of two Starbucks coffees a month, you’ll be supporting a ton of great developers. Setapp offers a free trial where you can download and use as many apps as you want for 30 days, so there’s really no reason not to.

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