Best Screenshot Tool for macOS: SnapNDrag Pro

When I published a list of software I used in 2017 last week, there was an app I regrettably forgot to include, and that is SnapNDrag Pro by Yellow Mug Software. I attribute the lapse to the fact that I don’t use the app every day (but I do use it often). So for that reason, and because I rarely see this app mentioned despite its great utility, instead of updating my previous article I decided to dedicate a whole new entry to it.

I’ll just go ahead and say it: SnapNDrag Pro is the best app for screenshot capture and management, hands down. I have never seen or used anything better for this same purpose, which is why I’m a little surprised I don’t see it mentioned very often by other people or publications. Especially considering the hoops others jump through to get decent screenshots on macOS.

Screen Capture

Right at the top of the SnapNDrag window, there are four options for taking screenshots: Selection, Window, Screen, and Timed. All of these capture methods work as expected and they all come in handy from time to time. The ones I use the most are Window and Selection. The screen capture features always work as expected, and the app never gets in the way. In fact, it literally gets out of the way when you’re in the process of taking a screenshot.

Screenshot Management

Instead of shoving the screenshot right on the Desktop like other utilities, all screenshots are placed in a grid (or list) of thumbnails in the main window, with the most recent screenshots at the top. From here, you can drag screenshots out of the app, rename them, duplicate them, open them in a built-in annotator tool (very useful) or the macOS Preview app, and quite a bit more. You can also make sub-folders for screenshots or move them to the Trash.

I tend to take a screenshot for a specific purpose, use it, and then delete it so I don’t use many of the management features, but I can see how it can be very useful for designers and others who keep a collection of screenshots. In either case, it’s nice to be able to access all of the screenshots easily within the app.


SnapNDrag is well designed, so it appears to be a lot simpler than it actually is. Opening up the app Preferences gives you several options for naming screenshots, image size and quality, whether or not to include drop shadows, borders, and a plethora of other options for those of us who take a lot of screenshots and have strict requirements for the output.

My only request would be an option to change the color of the border (when you enable the border setting in Preferences). You can change the width, but the border is always black so I currently don’t have this option enabled. Other than that, there really isn’t anything else I would change about this app.

SnapNDrag Pro is a great app and I am disappointed that I don’t see other websites recommend it more. I can’t even remember where I originally heard of it. It’s possible I found it in the App Store myself while searching for a screenshot tool, but I’m not sure. This is definitely one of the “hidden gems” of the Mac App Store—and there aren’t many of those. At least it’s one of the top results when you search for “screenshots”, so hopefully people are finding it.

I bought this app on September 20, 2011 and have installed it on several different Macs since then. I have never touched the built-in screenshot tool in macOS since I purchased this app, nor have I had to urge to look for a replacement for it. SnapNDrag has served me well for over six years, and—even after all these years—is still being updated. The current version is 4.2.5, released in April of this year.

I actually wish Yellow Mug would make 5.0 a paid upgrade, so I could pay them again. I feel bad that I only paid a few bucks for an app that routinely makes my life easier. I would really hate for the app to one day go away and then have to resort to memorizing keyboard shortcuts for the basic screenshot tool that comes with macOS (which I always forget by the next time I have to take a screenshot).

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