Marco Arment wrote about how Apple should go about Fixing the MacBook Pro. He has a lot more problems with the current MacBook Pros than I do, as described in my recent review, but we agree on two points: the keyboard and the Touch Bar.

He offered a nice suggestion on how Apple could fix the keyboard:

The Magic Keyboard’s scissor switches feel similar, but with a bit more travel, and all of the reliability and resilience of previous keyboard generations. They’re a much better, more reliable, and more repairable balance of thinness and typing feel likely to appeal to far more people — even those who like the butterfly keyboards.

I had no idea the Magic Keyboard had newer, shorter-travel keys with none of the problems exhibited by the new butterfly keyboards. I really hope Apples goes this route with the next MacBook Pro keyboard.

Regarding the Touch Bar, I don’t mind it, I would just prefer not to eat the extra cost next time around if possible. I don’t expect Apple to reverse their decision and just abandon it though, especially considering how heavily emphasized the Touch Bar was. I’m not sure they have that much courage.

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